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An Emerging Gold Explorer in New Zealand with Two Highly Prospective Land Packages

RUA GOLD- NZ Gold Exploration Projects


RUA GOLD is a minerals company at the forefront of the mining industry, specializing in gold exploration and discovery. With permits which have rich history dating back to the gold rush era, RUA GOLD has successfully combined traditional prospecting practices with modern technologies to uncover and capitalize on valuable gold deposits.

Our commitment to responsible and sustainable exploration is evident in our professional planning and execution, ensuring minimal environmental impact. RUA GOLD has a highly skilled team of New Zealand professionals who possess extensive knowledge and experience in geology, geochemistry, and geophysical exploration technology.

RUA GOLD Highlights


High-grade orogenic and epithermal gold targets with historical production grades of 16-50g/t Au


Historic mining area in a very safe jurisdiction and pro-mining Government.


New Zealand has a long history of high grade gold discoveries.

World Class Team

A world class team with working knowledge of the area and funding secured.


Historic mines were limited by the technology of the time, major potential to expand along strike and at depth.


Permits and title work are secured, ready to start drilling.

New Zealand: Forgotten Mines in a Tier 1 Jurisdiction

New Zealand is an ideal mining address with highly prospective geology and a rich gold production history of orogenic (+9M ounces), epithermal (+15M ounces), and alluvial gold (+22M ounces).

The country has a low sovereign risk and a new government focused on economic growth and job creation in the New Zealand economy, making it an attractive destination for mining investment.

New Zealand’s historical production is over 42 Million ounces of gold

Hauraki Goldfield

Hauraki has >50 high-grade gold-silver deposits, and RUA GOLD's recent acquisition, Glamorgan, has a promising untested 3.8 km long zone with significant gold potential.

Reefton Goldfield

Reefton's high-grade district has a new orogenic gold discovery with a +2 km long PACTOLUS vein and multiple greenfields and near-mine targets identified through a science data-driven approach.

North Island: Hauraki Goldfield

Glamorgan Property

High-grade epithermal gold province, with significant production and recent acquisitions.

South Island: Reefton Goldfield

Major District Title Holder

High-grade orogenic gold province with significant production and recent discovery.
RUA GOLD- NZ Gold Exploration Projects

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